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As an answer to the growing demand for Therasuit Method courses from around the globe, Izabela Koscielny has trained a team of experienced and certified Therasuit Method Instructors that aid in providing trainings worldwide.

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Czech Republic

Saudi Arabia






TheraSuit Method Certified Instructors


Poliana Chiemi Yamagute Costa



Graduated in Physical Therapy (2005) from the Pontifical Catholic University of Campinas - Brazil
Master's degree in Adapted Physical Activity (2013) from the State University of Campinas - Brazil
Specialist degree in Neuropediatrics (2006) from the State University of Campinas - Brazil
Therasuit Basic and Advanced - also Therasuit course translator (english/portuguese) since 2011
Applied Kinesiology - levels I and II
Kinesiotaping - KT1 and KT2
Trigger point and miofascial release
MPS pediatric

MPS Advanced
ILS - Therapeutic Listening
TASES/NMES - Electrical stimulation
AIMF - NeuroFunctional Miofascial Approach
BRMT - Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training Levels 1 and 2

Working with pediatrics since 2006, and working with the Therasuit Method since 2011

Partner owner of Napses - Intensive Habilitation Clinic in Campinas, Brazil

Languages: Portuguese, English

Ana Cecilia Frazão Collins


Graduated in Physical Therapy from the University Gama Filho (2006) and Master of Science in Human Kinetics from the University Castelo Branco (2010). Joined the PhD program in UNICAMP university en 2015. She is currently a physiotherapist / partner / coordinator of Equine Rehabilitation Center in Rio de Janeiro. International classifier for Cerebral Palsy sports (bocce, football 7 and Racerunning) associated with ANDE - National Association of Sports for the Disabled, affiliated internationally by CPISRA - Cerebral Palsy & SPORTS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION RECREANTION.

Trained in the following methods:

      Hippotherapy: Basic Course and Advanced,
      Bobath: Neuroevolutivo pediatric course.
      PNF: Levels I, II and III.
      RTA: Basic course in thoracic-abdominal reeducation.
      Sensory Integration: National and international training by NDT instructors.
      Hydrotherapy methods: Advanced pediatric Halliwick and Bad Ragaz,
      Therapeutic Pediatric Taping Course
      TheraSuit method: basic and advanced training and one month practical training at Michigan, USA.
Lanuguages: Portuguese, English

Valeria Cury





Graduated in Physical Therapy (1992) from Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil)
Master’s degree in Science of Rehabilitation (2005) from Federal University of Minas Gerais (Brazil) 
Therasuit Basic (2011) and Advanced (2012) – also Therasuit course translator (english/portuguese) since 2012

Working in neurorehabilitation since 1992, in Orthotic Management for individuals with neuromotor disorders since 1994, as a clinical consultant for physical therapists professionals regarding assessment and treatment of individuals with neuromotor disorders since 2000

Currently a coordinator/physiotherapist of ProAtiva Habilitação Integrada Center in Belo Horizonte / Minas Gerais (Brazil)

Trained in the following methods:                                                                                                                                
NDT (Bobath): Basic / Baby and Refresh courses; Sensory Integration: national and international training by NDT instructors; 
Pilates Method; Osteopathy / Postural Global Reeducation (RPG); RTA: Basic course in thoracic-abdominal reeducation; MPS pediatric; TASES / NMES; CIMT upper and lower extremities; Hydrotherapy Methods (Halliwick and Bad Ragaz)

Languages: Portuguese, English

Publications and clinical teaching:


Dimitris Koures



1990 – 1994  Physiotherapist - School of Health and caring professions, Department of Physiotherapy, Technological Educational institute of Athens
1998 Introduction in Sensory Integration - Sensory Integration International
2002 Kinetic control – Evaluation & Therapy Hellenic Association of Neurodevelopmental Treatment
2005 Therasuit & Therasuit method, Intensive paediatric therapy, Application of Therasuit suit, Evaluation and schedule of intensive therapy
Since 2009 - Instructor – Therasuit and Therasuit method Educate and certify PT’s, OT’s and doctors in Greece and Cyprus in  five days seminars Therasuit Method (intensive paediatric Physical therapy) in five days seminars.
2010 - 2012 Master in Science in “Basic and Applied Cognitive Science”, Neurosciences, Cognition, Philosophy, Psychology

Languages: Greek, English

Kevin Hunag


USA / Taiwan


Hold a Bachelor's’s degree as a Physical Therapist from Chung Shan Medical University , Taiwan.
Hold a Master’s degree as a Physical Therapist from New York University Developmental Disability Program, USA.
Pediatric PT for Evaluation and Treatment in Early Intervention           
1992 Program and Pre-school (CPSE) and school-age (CSE) System, in New York City.
2006 Established Genius Physical Therapy PLLC (Genius Pediatric Therapy Center)
Since 2006 TheraSuit Method® Certified Therapist
Since 2008 TheraSuit Method® Certified Instructor
Snce 2010 Physical Therapy Seminar/Workshop Instructor in China:     
Pediatric Physical Therapy of Evaluation and Treatment for children with special needs.
A New Standard Method of Physical Therapy Treatment- Intensive Therapy Program (ITP) for Children with CP and Neuro-Motor Disorders
Universal Exercise Unit (UEU)- A New Physical Therapy Treatment  Method for Muscular-Skeletal Disorders

 Languages: English, Mandarin

  Rachelle Kelly


Graduated with Bachelor of Science from the University of South Florida (2009) and Master of Occupational Therapy from the University of Saint Augustine for Health Science (2011). She has 6 years of pediatric experience treating infants, children, and adolescents with neurodevelopment disorders in the outpatient setting.

Trained in the following:

·         Sensory Integration and Reflex Integration 

·         Therapeutic Pediatric Taping Course

·         TheraSuit Method: basic and advanced training

·         MPS and NMES

·         Aquatic Therapy

·         Splinting and orthopedic training

Language: English

  Rose Lampert 

- Bachelors Degree in Physical Therapy (1990) from Tuiuti Faculty - Curitiba - Pr - Brazil
- Masters Degree in Physical Therapy Neuroscience (1998) Florida International
University - Miami - FL - USA.
- Published “The importance of Leisure in Long term Disabilities” Rehabilitar Magazine,
1998, São Paulo - Brazil.
- Founder/Vice President of Lampert’s Therapy Group (1999)
- Developed and research of a 16 hour CEU’s Course - Sensory Integration (1999)
- Therasuit Certification (2007)
- Course Coordinator for Therasuit LLC, Brazil and USA since (2010-Present)
- Translator of Therasuit Course to Portuguese and Spanish (2010 - Present)
- Research and compiling of a 16 hour CEU’s Course - Neuroplasticity (2010)
- Guest speaker Keiser University Tampa - FL Pediatrics Lectures (2010 - Present)
- Guest Speaker South University Tampa - FL Gravity and its physiological Implications (2016 - Present)

Languages: Portuguese, Spanish and English. 
  Zoe Planc



Graduated with a Bachelor degree in Occupational therapy from Monash University in Melbourne (2008)Zoe has 10 years of Pediatric clinical experience treating infants, children, and adolescents with neurodevelopmental disorders in a clinic and community setting.
Zoe is a Director of ther own private practice in Melbourne, Australia since 2012 and hosted Austalia’s frst TheraSuit Method trail founded at her clinic in 2018.

Zoe is trained in the following:
-  Sensory Integration and Reflex Integration
-  TheraSuit Method: Basisc and Advanced Certification
-  Constant Induced Movement therapy and Bimanual therapy
-  Hydrotherapy
-  ADOS Certification
-  SOS Therapy

Language: English 

To schedule Therasuit Method Basic or Advanced course please, contact TheraSuit LLC office (USA)       (001) 248 706 1308